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Voice Mail Services

Introducing Voice Mail Technology Solutions. Get your Voice Messages Electronically in Live Time

Email and SMS Capabilities

Answer Plus provides state of the art voice mail technology that fully supports electronic delivery of your voice mail messages via all industry standard means, including e-mail and sms delivery systems.

Voice Mail Service

Our standard voice mail service provides you with private, individual voice mail boxes, each with their own unique phone numbers and user-friendly features. These are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Passwords are programmed by you to ensure confidentiality.

Enhanced voice mail service gives you the best of both worlds. Your caller will first be greeted by a friendly telephone secretary who will advise them you are unavailable and will ask if they would like to be transferred to your voice mail to leave a message. Upon transferring, the caller will hear your own personal greeting and then may leave a confidential message. You can then retrieve your messages at any time and from any location quickly and efficiently. e. E-mail message delivery offers an excellent way to reduce your unit volume.

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