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Answer Plus Las Vegas

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Virtual Receptionist Answering Services

Answer Plus Las Vegas provides 24/7 virtual receptionist solutions for your office no matter where it may be.

Out Dial Service

Sometimes you have “one of those days” when there is just not enough time to accomplish everything you need to do. Answer Plus’ telephone secretaries can help by returning calls for you! When you are picking up your messages, you can let us know if you would like us to respond to any of the calls. We will then call your client to assure them that you have received the message, and let them know when you will be able to call them back. Your telephone secretary will also relay any other information for you in a prompt, pleasant, and professional manner.

Virtual Receptionist

There are days when the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Your receptionist simply can’t keep up with it and is unable to answer it in time. Or how about those times when all your lines are in use and the caller hears a busy signal? Your calls could flow over to our virtual receptionist who will take the message and direct it back to your office or route it to a specified person. We can answer basic questions and take messages when your staff isn’t available for the call. We can pick up the overflow and help your staff maintain its effectiveness.

Call Screening

Call-screening (also known as Operator Revert) provides your callers with an initial recorded message that provides them with whatever information you deem necessary. This message can be recorded by you, or by a pleasant, smiling, professional telephone secretary. In the recording, the caller can be provided with a menu of choices for information they may require. They can leave a message on your voice mail if the call is not urgent or they are always given the option to be transferred to a live person in case they need to reach you immediately.

Local Telephone Number

Answer Plus can provide you with a unique local telephone number that you can use as your own. It is private and unpublished and it is not used by anyone else. You can use this for your business or personal use.

There is no equipment to purchase and costs much less than an average line charge from the local telephone company.

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