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Answering Services Custom-Fit to your Needs

Our highly-trained representatives function as an extension of your staff. We care about your success.

We realize that initial impressions are critical, and often your answering service is the first contact that your caller has with your firm. The manner in which a caller is treated over the telephone can determine if they choose to do business with you or turn elsewhere.

At Answer Plus, we understand that your callers must be greeted by smiling, professional voices that project a positive image of your company. When you are out of your office, you must feel confident that your clients are in capable hands.

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You've got nothing to lose and 7 days of premium service to gain. Sign up now for APLV's no-obligation trial. A representative will work with you to custom-fit the best service plan for your business.

We create success with every call while quickly navigating a wide range of specialized industries.

Our highly-trained telephone secretaries are instructed on how to be an extension of your staff, and we provide you with customized services to fit your individual needs 24 hours a day. We care about your success because it is our success too! We are your “silent partner”.

Our clients are comprised of a number of different areas of the professional community. Over sixty percent of our clients are local physicians and other medically related firms and individuals. We also provide service to numerous individuals in the real estate field, answering for over 850 real estate agents. Many national and local service businesses utilize our services as well. Our client base is varied and spans many areas of the business community. We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The phone never stops ringing at Answer Plus! Our telephone secretaries must be able to answer call after call quickly, with a smile in their voice and the patience to deal with every type of caller.