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Answer Plus Las Vegas

We’re always open! Phone Coverage from Vegas to New York

24/7 Dispatch Answering Services

Call Answering and Dispatch Service for Health care, HVAC, Emergencies, Towing Service, and More.

CogniSent – Reliable Emergency Messaging App

APLV integrates with CogniSent for message management & secure HIPAA Compliant Message delivery. When a crisis hits, your people will rely on you for quick, effective communications and you can rely on CogniSent. We’ve got you covered.

Fax Message Delivery

With highly specialized computer equipment, Answer Plus can automatically fax messages to you as they are received, or on a preprogrammed basis at times specified by you. Electing to receive your faxed messages on a preprogrammed basis helps hold your costs down.

E-Mail Message Delivery

Answer Plus provides state-of-the-art equipment that automatically delivers incoming messages to your e-mail address. This high-tech solution is not available at many answering services, and is an excellent way to centralize all of your messaging needs while giving you the opportunity to retain your messages on disk for an indefinite period of time. E-mail message delivery offers an excellent way to reduce your unit volume.

Text Message Service

These days, business owners are on the go and frequently access information from their smart phones and other electronic devices. SMS, an acronym for “Short Message Service” allows us to send you your messages in live time so you never miss an important call.

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