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Affordable Answering Service Solutions

Some of our most popular services are listed below. Please let us know how we can best cater to your unique business environment.

At Answer Plus, we can customize a unique set of services to match exactly what your business needs from an answering service. Browse an overview of out most popular services and please let us know what else we can provide for you.

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Medical Answering Service

Special Medical Answering Service

Clients always speak to a live smiling operator 24/7
Customized voice mail recordings for your practice
Call screening
Delivery of messages to Cell Phones, PDA, or Pager
Delivery of voice mail messages to e-mail
Live operators well versed in medical terminology and practice
Business Phone Answering Service
Live Telephone Answering Service

Live Telephone Answering Service

24/7 Answering by live smiling operators
Completely personalized greetings
Delivery of messages to Cell Phones, PDA, or Pager
Delivery of voice mail messages to e-mail
Professional image conveyed to your clients
Call screening
Incredible cost savings vs hiring in-house staff
Live Virtual Receptionist
Virtual Office

Virtual Receptionist Service

Your own local (702) or 800-based number
Custom greeting tailored to your business
Live 24/7 Answering Service included
Custom voice mail service
Delivery of voice mail, calls, and messages to Cell phone, PDA, or Pager
Outdial Service
Call Screening

Voice Mail Technology

Voice Mail Answering Service

Email and SMS delivery capabilities
Complete, customized enhanced voice mail service
Multiple voice mail boxes

Dispatch Services

Call Center Dispatch Services

Alphanumeric Pager Message Delivery
Fax Message Delivery
E-Mail Message Delivery