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State of the Art Disaster Planning

We realize that your business must depend on our business. We have developed and tested disaster recovery planning that will keep us up and running. Our facility uses an advanced power backup system that keeps our entire system running through a blackout. Our powerful call handling platform keeps telecommunications up and running in the event of a computer system failure. We use both on-site and off-site data backups to ensure that your messages are saved. In the case of a system failure, we have a spare server ready as a backup.

We regularly run practice drills to keep our operators ready for when disaster strikes. Within minutes, we will be answering phones again, even after a total blackout and computer systems failure, an unlikely combination of failures to have at once.

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Safe, Secure, and HIPAA-Compliant

At Answer Plus, we have invested significant resources into ensuring that we maintain compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our operators go through required training on how to handle PHI, and maintain the strictest levels of confidence. We also maintain a physically secure location, with no unlocked public entrances, and 24-hour on-premises video recording of the interior and exterior of our offices. Our systems room is additionally secured with an electronic lock that requires a passcode only given to administrative personnel.

We use firewalls, anti-virus protection, and an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) to ensure that break-ins do not occur, and that our systems stay virus-free. Our systems go through regular security evaluations to make sure we are not open to system vulnerabilities, ensuring that malicious virtual activity won’t take us down.

Electronic Medical Record Compliant and Capable

Answer Plus is fully compliant and capable of handling services which interface through standard EHR or EMR platforms.